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Planning your wedding from abroad & Elopements

Planning a wedding from abroad​

D-Strings have been chosen by couples planning weddings from abroad over and over again.

Our system makes it so easy to plan your wedding music that it can be done from anywhere in the world. We can send you numerous samples via e-mail so you can hear our sound and wide range form classical to popular without moving from your couch!  We can also e-mail samples of our numerous singers to help you create your perfect wedding music package.


Planning the ceremony/mass

The clients pages on our website give you access to repertoire lists, and all the tips and information you need for planning your wedding music- from the number of pieces needed to recommendations for each individual section of the ceremony or mass. 


Planning the drinks reception music

For the drinks reception our groups generally play a selection of music. Although you can tell us your preferred style e.g. Classical, Popular or traditional or if you'd prefer to keep it lively our gentle background music, our musicians are highly trained to accommodate  your guests on the day. ​We observe our guests and see which style of music they seem to be enjoying most to help decide the pieces to play. Regularly the guests become involved requesting their favourite pieces etc.

We make your wedding music simple- choose from our vast repertoire, listen to our samples, or simply tell us what you would like. Listen to our music or what other couples had to say-you won't be disappointed.


Whatever your reason for eloping, we are on board! Saving money, avoiding fuss, keeping things intimate and personal, or avoiding family drama, are all completely valid reasons to elope - and we are there to help you keep it as low key, drama free and simple as you would like.

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